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Giving Back

Our Valued Partners

As a part of our commitment to impact and in honor of the culture that created the word for which we are named, Kuleana Consulting partners with Hawai'i-based nonprofit organizations to donate a percentage of all profits to nonprofit organizations working in Hawaiian communities.

Impact Partners: Clients

Hazel Jansen Foundation

Current Non-Profit Partner

Hazel Jansen Foundation supports new mums in Hawai'i by providing babycare essentials, scholarships, collaborations, and trauma-informed resources.

Impact Partners: About

Nonprofit Application

We'd love to hear from nonprofit organizations that are working to support the Hawaiian community. Please fill out an application to become our next nonprofit partner or to nominate a Hawai'i-based organization to receive donations by clicking the link below and filling out our nonprofit partner application form.

Impact Partners: Text
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